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Vol. 4 / Issue 8

An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

August 2021

Emily Boyd Stormoen
Chief Executive Officer

As I enter my sixth month in the leadership role at ANRF, I continue to be encouraged, excited and intrigued by the work and advances being made in the arthritis research community. We are proud to be able to fund vital research that is advancing therapies and working toward a cure.

This month, we look more closely at the work of Dr. Chenghai Zhang, who has made discoveries and identified a key protein, Creb5, necessary to produce fluid used to lubricate joints, which reduces friction and maintains the articular cartilage. Dr. Renuka Nayak addresses complex autoimmune questions, including how gut biome may lead to differences in responding to treatment and how supplementing a protein can accelerate preventing osteoarthritis.

We also discuss the role of the orthopedic surgeon in building a village of caregivers and look at a study done by University of Georgia researchers that links sleep apnea to autoimmune disorders (and validates the importance of a good night’s sleep). As summer continues, included are recipes to offer anti-inflammatory meal options to ensure a complete evening of courses for one or a stress-free meal plan for an entire dinner party — all tasty and healthy.


Emily Boyd Stormoen

CEO, Arthritis National Research Foundation

A meal plan for one or a Summer Dinner Party – August Recipes

Have a sweet tooth? Luckily following an anti-inflammatory diet doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your desire for dessert. Check out this month’s recipes to see how you can have your anti-inflammatory cake and it eat it too.

Dr. Nayak – The Second Human Genome

Why does autoimmune medication work for one patient but not another? This question has plagued the autoimmune community for years. Dr. Nayak looks into whether the answer could be in our gut. Does gut biome effect how we breakdown medication? If this question can be answered, it will become easier to predict how patients will respond to medication, eliminating the trial-and-error approach currently necessary to find an effective treatment.


Dr. Zhang – The role of Creb5 in aging and osteoarthritic joints

Worldwide, musculoskeletal conditions are the leading contributing factor to disability. Joints need to be properly lubricated to avoid friction that causes damage and osteoarthritis. Dr. Zhang has identified a key protein, Creb5, necessary to produce fluid used to lubricate joints. Understanding this protein's exact role in the degradation process will support establishing whether supplementing this protein could be used as a treatment for osteoarthritis.


It takes a village - The role of orthopaedic surgeons as part of your healthcare team

Due to the complex nature of autoimmune conditions it is likely that as a patient you will need to see rheumatologist but did you know for the most effective treatment you will need a healthcare team. This month as part of our “It takes a village” series we look at the role an orthopaedic surgeon has as part of this healthcare team and address questions such as when you might need to consider adding this specialist to your team.


Could lack of a good night’s sleep contribute to autoimmune conditions?

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep in terms of having sufficient energy levels but did you know that a common sleep disorder may be contributing to the development and intensity of autoimmune conditions? New research begins to unravel the connection between sleep apnea and autoimmunity.


Here’s your access to the experts!

This summer ANRF will be hosting a five-part Researcher Spotlight series featuring ANRF funded researchers, both current and past, presenting the latest in arthritis breakthroughs, diagnostic tools, procedures and research & development. Each webinar will focus on a specific type of arthritis, the most up-to-date research, include a panel discussion and Q & A session.




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