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Vol. 4 / Issue 5

An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

May 2021

Emily Boyd Stormoen
Chief Executive Officer

At ANRF, we believe that arthritis awareness is something that should be spread every day of the year. As we work to fund research that will improve outcomes for treatments, we also know that providing knowledge to the community can reduce stigma and help patients advocate for their own care. In this special Arthritis Awareness Month edition of the ANRF Chronicle, we bring you articles that highlight the importance of awareness, profile a young advocate for RA patients, and share thoughts from members of our community. You will also find popular features like new anti-inflammatory recipes and answers from our experts.

I hope you enjoy this special edition and thank all of those who have participated in Arthritis Awareness Month. I am proud of the work that our community is doing to speak up for patients and support medical research. Thank you for your commitment to each other and to the mission of ANRF.


Emily Boyd Stormoen

CEO, Arthritis National Research Foundation

From Patient to Awareness Trailblazer

In the 16 years since she was diagnosed with RA, Effie Koliopoulos has worked as an advocate for patients and a philanthropist. Read about what drives this impressive woman to speak up for others every day.

5 Things patients wish you knew

We asked our community to tell us some of the myths and misconceptions they deal with as arthritis patients. They answered the call with inciteful and sometimes heart-wrenching answers. Read the top five things they wish you knew.

Why Awareness Matters

Arthritis Awareness Month is here and people are taking action to make their voices heard. But why does awareness matter and what can we do throughout the year to keep the action going?

Food For Thought: May Anti-inflammatory Recipes

Brownies anyone? Eating an anti-inflammatory diet doesn’t have to mean feeling deprived. This month, we bring you 4 delicious recipes that will leave your taste buds smiling.

Do Hyaluronic acid injections help to rebuild joints and how long do they last?

More than one member of our community has asked us about this treatment method. Learn more about hyaluronic acid and how it works as a treatment when other options have failed.




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