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Vol. 4

November 2021

Issue 11.3


Research news, updates & more from the Arthritis National Research Foundation

Autoimmunity Webinar: Wednesday, November 17th, 11 a.m. P.T.: Register Now

The Researcher Spotlight Series concludes Wednesday, November 17th at 11 a.m. PT.  In this fifth of five in the series, there will be three presentations and a moderated discussion by three panelists and a moderator, all members of ANRF’s Scientific Advisory Board. Each panelist will present their current research, with time allocated for questions from attendees. The discussion will focus on general autoimmune diseases including Psoriatic Arthritis. 



COVID-19 vaccine in the autoimmune population 

Where are we now? There are many factors that can influence a response to any vaccine or treatment including the interactions with a specific disease/s, prescribed or over the counter medication being taken, the mechanism behind the medication, how long a person has been on a medication and medical history (specifically their history of infection). While for many the COVID-19 vaccine is yielding a return to a level of normality, those who are immune compromised and taking medications, the possibility of reaction has another layer of complexity.



Pumpkin cheesecake: alternative or complement the pie?

Thanksgiving dinner may not be complete without the traditional pumpkin pie for dessert or it might just be too much to have after a full meal. If you are open to add a little twist to your dessert selection, a pumpkin pie cheesecake is a lighter pumpkin option—add it to the dessert menu or replace the pie! Either in the pie or the cheesecake (or both!), pumpkin has many health benefits, including its high fiber content. And there are more health benefits, too.



Arthritis stats increasing; research remains critical

The latest numbers from the CDC indicate 58.5 million adults in the U.S. have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. By 2040, it is projected that number will rise to 78 million. There is only one way to limit this growth: research. In 2021-22, ANRF is funding 18 scientists who are developing ideas into breakthroughs, treatments and a path to a cure. We are only able to do this because of donors and supporters like you who understand how important this work is and continue to invest in research. As the holiday giving season is upon us, please consider continuing to support this research that is changing lives. Find out more at:


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