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Vol. 4 / Issue 1


An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

January 2021


The ANRF Chronicle is a monthly publication bringing you the latest in research, innovations in treatment, and ideas for healthy living with autoimmunity. In this edition: find ways to conquer negative feelings about living with autoimmune conditions, learn how one ANRF scholar is building a genetic map to improve Lupus diagnostics and treatment, discover how physiotherapy may play a role in a well-rounded treatment plan, dispel an old myth about cracking knuckles, and read about Endometriosis and how it compares to other autoimmune diseases.




3 steps to overcoming Why Me?

If you are an autoimmune patient, you may have uttered these two words. But you need not live by them. This article describes ways to overcome this type of thinking and feel mentally and physically healthier.



Food For Thought: January Anti-inflammatory Recipes

For many, a new year often means a new diet. Instead of trying yet another fad diet, why not try some of our anti-inflammatory recipes? They are scrumptious and will give your body a much-needed health kick start to the year.





Dr. Sarah Baxter – Mapping the Genetic Landscape of Lupus

You can’t use an old map to explore a new world. Embracing this notion, Dr. Sarah Baxter seeks to map the genetic landscape of Lupus. She hopes that this new map will allow for the clinical translation of her findings in order to identify novel diagnostic and treatment options for Lupus patients.




It Takes a Village – Part 1: Physiotherapy

A rheumatologist is generally the first port of call for autoimmune patients. While they are likely to be the primary care physician in these situations, there are many other healthcare fields that can help in creating an overall healthcare plan. Over the course of this series, explore other health care specialties and how a well-rounded team can improve quality of life for patients.




Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?

You may take pleasure in cracking your knuckles. Or you may find the habit in others is something akin to nails on a chalkboard. Either way, you have likely heard the old adage that the habit can lead to arthritis. Is this fact or fiction? Read on for our experts' answer.





Insights into Endometriosis – An Autoimmune Condition or Not?

Endometriosis shares a number of similarities with autoimmune diseases. The use of immunomodulators and inflammatory modulators has proven to be an effective means of medical management for other autoimmune diseases. Is it possible that similar therapies may prove useful in treating endometriosis?









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