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Vol. 3 / Issue 8 / Sept. 2020

An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation



Dr. Christian Lood: A Complement to RA Research

ANRF Scholar, Dr. Christian Lood, is studying how mitochondria might help develop new treatments for a wide spectrum of autoimmune diseases.

Neural Stimulation as a Potential Treatment for Autoimmune Disease

Implants that stimulate certain nerves have been used effectively to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s. Research is indicating that this technique could offer a new means to regulate an unbalanced immune system.


Dr. Asahara: From ANRF Scholar to Leader in Locomotive Science

An ANRF scholar and leader in locomotive science, Dr. Asahara combines clinical practices with molecular biology to develop novel therapies for patients with arthritis, bone tumors and spinal cord injuries.


Impact of Autoimmune Conditions on Sleep

Autoimmune conditions and trouble sleeping can sadly go hand in hand. Here, we look options designed to improve the duration and quality of sleep for those with chronic conditions, helping them to get the rest the need.

Food For Thought: Anti-Inflammatory Salmon Bowl Recipe

Eating a specific diet can help keep autoimmune symptoms at bay, but it does not have to mean dull meals. Try this delicious salmon bowl recipe tonight to treat your taste buds and your joints.


After a diagnosis, patients and those close to them are often inundated with new information and terminology previously unfamiliar to them. This can seem overwhelming and after going through the literature you can end up with more questions than answers. We have therefore decided to include an “Ask the Experts” section in the ANRF Chronicle! Each month we will select a question submitted from our community for one of our researchers or physicians to answer. Staying well informed is key to being your own best health advocate. Send your questions to, find the answers you need, and help our community learn from your curiosity.


Yoga For A Cure

ANRF is pleased to announce the latest addition to our Racing for a Cure program. Yoga for a Cure lets you support arthritis research by practicing your favorite asanas with friends, family, or in your own home practice. Yoga has long been considered beneficial in the management of arthritis pain. Now, with Yoga for a Cure, it can also help drive scientific discovery. Learn more and get started today!






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