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Vol. 3 / Issue 11


An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

December 2020


The ANRF Chronicle is a monthly publication bringing you the latest in research, innovations in treatment, and ideas for healthy living with autoimmunity. In this edition: find tips for more comfortable working and living with autoimmunity, learn about the role of neutrophils in autoimmune conditions, become an expert on the medical science behind new COVID-19 vaccines, read about historical figures who struggled with autoimmunity, and about the extremity-tingling Raynaud's Disease.




Decreased Mobility - Adapting your Cooking Techniques and Tools

For someone with decreased mobility, cooking can be a tedious and frustrating task. Bring back a love of cooking by trying out these adapted kitchen designs, cooking techniques, and kitchen aids. Rediscover your inner chef!



Hacks for Working with an Autoimmune Condition

Work is important for financial stability, but it can also provide a sense of purpose, identity and self-worth. While an autoimmune condition can make maintaining a career challenging, an open dialogue with your employer can help ensure that you have the accommodations and support necessary to succeed. 



Food For Thought: December Anti-inflammatory Recipes

Over the festive season it can be tempting to over indulge in the delicious food on offer. An anti-inflammatory diet doesn’t mean you need to miss out. Try out some of our December recipes and discover how a few small adjustments can lead to food equally as tasty as the traditional versions without resulting in excess inflammation.





Dr. Pierre Cunin – Neutrophils: Quick Change Artists

Learn how neutrophils, cells considered the foot soldiers of immunity, are altered when they interact with and are taken up by large bone marrow cells. This process, known as emperipolesis, may be contributing to autoimmune conditions. Read on to delve into the research and learn how. 



COVID-19 Vaccine Round Up

New vaccines are offering a ray of hope on the COVID-19 front as we move into a new year. But many people are unsure of exactly how they work and whether they are effective. Read this article and become an expert on the ins and outs of the novel mRNA vaccines.





Historical Figures with Autoimmune Conditions

Did you know that some of the world's most recognizable pieces of art were painted with an arthritic hand? Or that some of our most beloved stories were written by an author with a chronic illness? Or that one of the founding fathers used humor to cope with a condition characterized by extreme pain? The autoimmune stories of these three historical figures may surprise you.





Why are autoimmune conditions notoriously difficult to diagnose?

Read our experts' latest answer to a frequently asked question on autoimmunity. If you have a question for our experts, please send them to and look for the answer in an upcoming edition of the ANRF Chronicle.




Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease (primary) or phenomenon (secondary) is a medical condition that causes reduced blood flow to the hands and feet and in some cases, other extremities. Raynaud’s disease occurs with far greater frequency within the autoimmune population when compared to the general population. Raynaud’s can precede the diseases it is associated with by a number of years, making it the first presenting symptom.




All of us at ANRF wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and best wishes for a prosperous and joyful new year. Thank you for helping us continue to fund innovative research and for making our community grow by spreading the word about the work we do.








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