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Vol. 3 / Issue 10

An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

November 2020

The ANRF Chronicle is a monthly publication bringing you the latest in research, innovations in treatment, and ideas for healthy living with autoimmunity. In this edition: meet our new ANRF scholars, read about research to improve RA treatment plans, get inspired by gift giving ideas and anti-inflammatory holiday recipes, and learn about the history of Reactive Arthritis.


Gifts for Loved Ones with a Chronic illness

With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be searching for the ideal gift for our loved ones. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, even more so if the recipient has a chronic illness. Don’t despair, use our handy guide to help you pick a thoughtful and useful gift that is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

Hacks to Balance Your Morning Commute and Your Condition

Few people enjoy the commute to work but those with chronic conditions that affect mobility know it can be downright painful. These commuting hacks can help reduce the negative impacts for short or long-distance travels.

Food For Thought: November Anti-inflammatory Recipes

As we enter a time of lavish holiday meals and treats, it can be tempting to over indulge. For November, we’re giving you recipes that are perfect for celebrating, just as delicious as the traditional version, and won’t negatively impact your condition. Four new recipes to try each month!


Dr. Noss – Rolling the Dice on RA Treatments

Treating autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis can be a guessing game. A number of different drugs and combinations will need to be tried before relief is achieved. This takes time leaving patients to continue to suffer and increasing the risk of permanent damage. Dr. Noss looks to unconventional drug targets as a means of improving this situation.

Introducing ANRF’s 2020-2021 Scholars

We are delighted to introduce you to our 2020-2021 ANRF grant winners. The ANRF Scientific Advisory Board, headed by Dr. Craig Walsh (Director, Multiple Sclerosis Research Center at University of California Irvine), has once again identified talented and driven researchers who promise to contribute greatly to arthritis and autoimmune research. 


Why do autoimmune drugs, such as methotrexate, work in some patients but not others with the same condition?

Ask the experts allows the ANRF community to ask the burning questions they have about autoimmune conditions. This series provides accurate, easy-to-understand answers that help patients and their loved ones navigate life with their condition. Read their latest response.


The History of Reactive Arthritis – An Over Reaction

The history of a disease provides an interesting clinical, pathophysiologic, and therapeutic perspective. Reactive Arthritis, a condition involving inflammation of joints as a result of an infection elsewhere in the body, is one of the most recent of the types of arthritis to be delineated. Find out what causes this condition and the steps that have been taken to beat it.






MMRF Accreditations

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