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Vol. 2 / Issue 8

[Arthritis, Rheumatology, and Autoimmune Diseases]
An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

September 2019
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   Zaher Nahle PhD MPA, CEO, ANRF

Innovation + Inspiration + Support

In this September issue of The ANRF Chronicle, we feature the work of two talented ANRF Scholars, Drs. Erica Noss, and Tam Quash, in the field of inflammatory and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). That is in addition to several essays discussing recent drug Development, Autoimmunity and RA. Read also the inspiring story of Breeley, the five-year old Arthritis Warrior, who is raising awareness and supporting the Foundation in many ways. A fundraising partnership with the California Pizza Kitchen franchise is described here as well - we hope that you can take advantage and participate today.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the new cohort of ANRF 2019/20 scholars next month. Every year, we award research funding to some of the brightest minds in the fields of Arthritis, Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases. We have a great group again this year that emerged following a rigorous, fierce competition. 


FDA approves AbbVie's New Rheumatoid Arthritis drug

New drug approved by the FDA for use in RA patients! Rinvoq, a JAK inhibitor scored better in five clinical tests in comparison to Humira, AbbVie’s current popular RA drug. So read more about the potential benefits of this new drug here Image: From Original Social Media post of article.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis – A Challenge

For many patients with RA finding the right medication is a case of trial and error. Dr Noss looks at the role of fibroblasts, which are sent into overdrive in RA patients. She hopes to find new therapeutic targets that will improve our ability to identify the right medication for the patient from the get go.

A Brief History of RA

In order to get the most benefit from current research it is important to not only recognise the contributions of early researchers and physicians but to look back and examine the history of a disease and how treatment has developed. This understanding gives context to the research we conduct today. Read on for a brief summary of the long history of RA.


California Pizza Kitchen Teams Up with ANRF

From September 17-19, CPK will donate 20% of the total bill towards arthritis and autoimmunity research. So present the ANRF flyer, indulge in delicious food and contribute to a great cause.

Autoimmunity - No Smoke Without Fire

Development of an autoimmune condition is based on genetic predisposition as well as environmental factors. We can’t change our genes but we can alter our environment and behaviours to reduce risk and severity of autoimmune conditions. Read on to see the changes you can make!

The Voice and Face of JIA

From a mother’s perspective we give a face and voice to an often-invisible illness – idiopathic juevenile arthrits. Read the inspiring journey of Breeley, a young patient with JIA that hasn’t let it slow her down, much of which due to the loving support of her family and treating physicians.


The Balance of B Cells

Use of TNF inhibitors and biologic anti-inflammatory drugs is common in the treatment of RA. In a subset of patients these treatments can disrupt B cell homeostasis (cells important in the immune response) leading to the development of secondary autoimmune conditions. Through her research Dr Quach is unravelling the mechanisms behind why this occurs and potential therapeutics to address it.




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