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Vol. 2 / Issue 5

[Arthritis, Rheumatology, and Autoimmune Diseases]
An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

May 2019
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Zaher Nahle, PhD, MPAArthritis Awareness Month!

May is Arthritis awareness month and an important time to advocate and spread awareness about the many forms of Arthritis and associated Autoimmune Diseases. In this issue, you will read about ANRF’s recent participation in the 24th World Congress on Osteoarthritis in Toronto, organized by the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) – a global organization focused on the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) through research, education and the dissemination of credible data. We also feature promising work by current ANRF awardee, Dr. Mohamad Khass...


Travelling Lighter with Arthritis

B cells (cells that play a significant role in our immune systems) that lack a specific surface signaling molecule linked to increased bone fragility – a potential new target for arthritis therapeutics.

ANRF Front and Center at OARSI

Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) hosted the 24th World Congress on Osteoarthritis in Toronto. This forum brings together researchers, physicians and industry role players that are focused on cutting edge osteoarthritis research. The aim - to better manage, treat and eventually cure OA.

A Shout out to our 2018 ANRF Scholars

As we are getting ready to announce the incoming class of ANRF scholars, this is a shout out to our last year’s cohort of talented MD, PhD or MD/PhD researchers investigating the most challenging aspects of Arthritis and Autoimmune Diseases.


Therapy Animals – A Tail of Improving Quality of Life

Service and therapy animals are not limited to aiding those with visual impairment. Many physicians have seen the benefit of a service animal to those with rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis. Not only do these animals offer physical support, they encourage patients to be more active as they aid with mobility and support positive mental health.

The Race For a Cure is On!

From sports events to the arts - why not do the activities you love under the Racing For A Cure banner? This campaign allows participants to raise both funds and awareness for a meaningful cause. Individuals and teams can support patients with arthritis as well as furthering the fight to find effective treatments and a long-term cure. Each of us is capable of making a difference!


Deanna La Camera – A Life with Cause is a Life with Effect

Honoring the life and love of Deanna La Camera. A wife, mother, RA advocate and true friend to ANRF.


Free SBP Insight Event: New Approaches to Autoimmune Diseases. Moderated by our own ANRF CEO - Dr Zaher Nahle. A platform for clinicians, researchers, patients and caregivers to come together, to share ideas and gain a better understanding of how working together furthers the fight to find cures for autoimmune diseases. Details and registration information below.




Celgene, Genentech, Janssen
MMRF Accreditations

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