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Vol. 2 / Issue 10

[Arthritis, Rheumatology, and Autoimmune Diseases]
An Online Publication of the Arthritis National Research Foundation

November 2019
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   Zaher Nahle PhD MPA, CEO, ANRF

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In this issue of The ANRF Chronicle, we feature the work of two talented ANRF Scholars, Drs. Charles Chan and Mattock Jeffries, doing exciting work in the fields of stem cell biology and epigenetics, respectively. That is in addition to several thought-provoking articles discussing this year’s Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine, Gut bacteria and the immune response, arthritis pain in winter months and a brief history of Osteoarthritis. And if you missed our announcement of the new awardees last month, you can check it out now at this link below.


Room to Breathe – Nobel Prize 2019

The importance of oxygen as part of the process by which we convert food into useful energy has been recognized for centuries. A knowledge gap that existed was how animal cells adapt to changes in oxygen levels. This year’s Physiology and Medicine Nobel Prize winners are closing this knowledge gap, their research has started to inform us on how cells sense and respond to changing levels of oxygen.

Gut Reaction

A bacterial culprit driving autoimmune conditions? Read on to discover the impact our gut bacteria can have on our overall health and specifically the way in which in contributes to the development and progression of autoimmune conditions. Exiting new research in the field is opening up potential new treatment targets.


Flicking a Genetic Switch to Treat OA

Epigenetics to put it simply is the study of biological mechanisms that turn our genes on and off. It addresses how environmental inputs impact gene activity. Dr Matlock Jefferies is a physician and researcher that is delving into the world of epigenetics in order to find new osteoarthritis (OA) treatments. Discovering epigenetic differences between healthy participants and those with OA could provide novel ways to attack this condition.

Not a Winter Wonderland

Everyone is prone to getting the winter blues as the temperatures start to drop. For arthritis patients it isn’t simply about longing for the delights of summer. With the winter weather comes an increase in pain and stiffness in joints affected by the arthritis. Read on for tips to combat the cold weather and ways to reduce the associated pain so that you can enjoy the change of seasons.

A History of OA

Did you know even dinosaurs suffered from OA? This article gives a brief overall history of the discover and treatment of OA, from dinosaurs to our more recent relatives the Neanderthals. In order to effectively find new ways to treat such conditions it is important to have an understanding of the foundations on which we build current research.


Dr Chan - If I could Turn Back Time

Stem cells are cells that are capable of differentiating into numerous different types of cells, making them a great potential resource to address aging. Dr Charles Chan, a new ANRF scholar, is looking at ways to direct stem cells to drive the production of new bone and cartilage tissue. Through techniques such as these it may one day be possible to turn back time for damaged joints.

#GivingTuesday is on December 3rd

On December 3rd, millions of people the world over will celebrate the spirit of generosity by participating in Giving Tuesday. With matching funds being offered by Facebook and many employers, you can maximize the impact of your contribution. We hope we can count on your support for arthritis research on this important day of giving. Help us make this our best Giving Tuesday yet. 




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